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Community Spotlight

Unheard Heroes
Presented by: FurryKisses.org

This week we highlight Nancy Hohler! 

Here is her story…

Nancy Hohler has always loved animals, but it wasn’t until she started volunteering at the CNYSPCA six years ago that she became a passionate animal rescue/adoption advocate.

After dedicating over 35 hours a week volunteering at the CNYSPCA walking and running dogs and lending a hand wherever it was needed, she moved on to different challenges. Some of her endeavors/activities are:

Running shelter/rescue dogs, giving them the physical and mental exercise they need in order to stay happy, healthy and sane.

Volunteering with local animal rescues.

Serving on the Board of Directors of Fixing to Help, assisting low income families in keeping their furry friends healthy.

When Nancy isn’t helping animals , she’s home with her rescue dog khaleesi, and her very patient husband Brian.

If you or someone you know is making an impact in your animal community and would like to be highlighted on our “Unheard Heroes” column, please send a photo, name of person(s) or organization(s) and a short bio to info.furrykisses@gmail.com. 

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