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How it Works

“Furry Kisses is a forum for pet owners in need and good Samaritans willing to help”


Pet owners in need and people that are willing to help now have a place to come together.

Pet owners

FurryKisses.org is a place for elderly, disabled and veteran pet owners to request free services including free rides to pet related facilities. 


    • Veterinary Hospitals.
    • Physical therapist (for pets).
    • Pet clinics, pet classes/training etc.
    • Dog walker.
    • Pet sitter.
    • Groomer.

Pet owners are required to complete a request form. This form will help each volunteer with making the best decision on choosing which ride fits their availability best. Requests can be canceled at any time. Just simply log back in and delete or edit your request if needed.

Note: Services and rides are not guaranteed. All rides and services will be done by a registered Furry Kisses volunteer.

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Registered volunteers will have access to our ride and service request calendar. Simply select a date on the calendar, click on the name of a pet owner requesting a ride or service and connect!

Read the request form clearly before making your decision. If you can not meet the needs of a pet owner simply connect with a different pet owner whose needs fit your availability best. Cancelations should be discussed prior with the pet owner.

Note: Rides and services are free.This is a “good deeds” forum rides and/or services for the exchange of funds are not permitted.

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Help FurryKisses change the world one pet owner at a time!

FurryKisses, LLC is an at – will forum and shall not be liable for any damages, losses or liability resulting in your reliance or use of the services under the platform of FurryKisses, LLC; even if FurryKisses, LLC has been made aware of the possible damages, losses or liabilities. The submission of any of your personal contact information is a binding understanding that you comprehend FurryKisses, LLC is an at – will forum and that FurryKisses, LLC is not responsible for nor holds no representation or guarantee that requests will be reliable, punctual, or error free.


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